How does the hypothesis work?

Hypothesis (statement)

The basis of well-established hypotheses for both bachelor’s thesis and diploma are known knowledge, but it is necessary that they exceed (hypothesis) their boundaries while also setting new claims as assumptions that can be proven or refuted. However, understanding the hypothesis as such is much more characterized than it was conceived in this broader sense, so we can consider the hypothesis assumptions already mentioned to be very narrow. Closely conceived for the purpose of assuming the assumption as one essential feature of the hypothesis. This feature of the hypothesis serves to know the subject and its patterns and properties. The main idea of ​​the research is a hypothesis, which is conditioned by objectivity.

Formal characters:

  • The answers or correlations of the characters in the conclusions to the question asked should be adequate (meaning supposed conclusions or assumptions) (a sign of adequacy),
  • It should coincide with the already known in the monitored issue and should also coincide with the new research and the well-known theory of the studied field (probability sign),
  • The hypotheses should guarantee the possibility of reasonable verifiability.
Types of hypotheses are divided into two groups according to their cognitive value:

Working hypothesis

It is a basic prerequisite for determining another type of hypothesis (scientific) and presents the basic requirements and established rules of research for the thesis and bachelor’s degree

Scientific (real hypothesis)

They are processed on the basis of a wider understanding of theoretical bases, in a logical exact form of the statement, which must express the possibility of the function of relations and regularities between the individual parts of the problem (main questions) of the issue in question between the dependent and independent variables. Furthermore, the research verifies or verifies their objectivity and legality.

To formulate hypotheses is necessary for all types of research, this applies to both empirical and mixed research. Mostly, the working hypotheses are a tool to transform theoretical issues into research terminology, or to accurately distinguish the main hypothesis from work. Applies to all bachelor’s thesis including diploma.

  • Scientific work hypothesis
  • It combines with proven facts
  • He has to clarify already known and anticipate new facts
  • If these requirements are not met, the hypothesis must be repeated
  • If the facts have already been proven by researchers and have been proven in practice and in reality, the hypothesis about these facts should not conflict with them.
  • The requirement is its practical and experimental verifiability